Jumbo Yarn: How To join your ends

KNIT SAFARI Jumbo Yarn - how to join ends

One of the best things about Jumbo Yarn is that you don't have to weave in ends! Hooray! Sure, there is a tiny bit of sewing if you want a professional looking finish, but that's ok. If you don't, you can knot the ends together (which is especially good on pillows because you can hide the knot on the inside!)

  1. Get your ends and squish them about a bit so they are a uniform shape. Trim off any threads from the ends.
  2. Grab a sewing needle and thread in a shade matching your yarn, and tie a knot in the end. I like to use Gutermann thread, as it is strong and comes in a huge range of colours!
  3. Insert one end of the yarn into the tube of the other end of the yarn, taking care not to stretch the tube. I like to fold the top tube under slightly, for a cleaner finish.
  4. Using small stitches, sew the two ends of the tubes together, working around the tube. I like to work around the tube twice, making sure the seam is secure and as hidden as possible.
  5. Secure the end of the thread with a knot, then thread the needle inside the yarn tube for a few inches, before trimming the thread
  6. Give your joined Jumbo Yarn a little squish and wiggle, to reshape the yarn and push any stuffing along into a more uniform shape.
  7. Keep knitting!
KNIT SAFARI Jumbo Yarn - how to join endsKNIT SAFARI Jumbo Yarn - how to join endsKNIT SAFARI Jumbo Yarn - how to join ends

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