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Crochet your own Sparkly Fishnet Socks

Last week, I posted the pattern to my knitted fishnet socks, and promised a crochet version for all the crocheters out there. The first half of this sock zoomed by, and I was super excited - it was looking fishnetty and was such bliss to crochet. Then I got to the hem and got stuck for 4 days... the lurex just was not stretch enough to get over my instep and heel, or was too loose and floppy around my ankle. I tried working a front post/back post mock rib, but that was a failure too. I rummaged through my craft supplies and found some black lingerie elastic, and finally had a good solution! (Next time I'll splurge on some matching...

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Knit your own Sparkly Fishnet Socks

One of the biggest trends of 2017 is is the once maligned, often halloweened, fishnet stocking. Layered under jeans on Instagram to show a sexy bit of skin, or paired with a mule for a modern spin on 90s chic, some stores can't keep them in stock long enough to meet demand. From Lolita to lingerie fetish, Roller Derby to Goths and Rockers, fishnets are appealing to a broad range of fashionistas. (Click through to pinterest for image credits) Fishnet stockings are commercially produced on giant "weft" knitting machines, with up to 400 needles and cranking out a pair in 2.5 to 8 minutes. I gave myself the challenge to knit my own pair (although not at the commercial production speed!),...

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