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New Year Knitting Resolution

Now that it is already February (where did January go?! Eeek!) I've decided to refocus on my resolutions for the 2017. This year my primary resolution is to knit, crochet, knot or create any clothes that I can, instead of buying them ready-made from the high street.When I spend time and effort in knitting a sweater, I value it more. Spills are gently blotted out before they stain, the garment is nicely folded and not strewn across my bedroom, and I get excited to wear the piece and build an outfit around it - not to mention, tell people that I made it!The fast-fashion industry is built on replicating trends as quickly as possible, and while this means that shoppers can...

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Wool Week 2016

Wool Week 2016 & Hobbycraft The Campaign for Wool is now in its seventh year, with the aim to educate people about wool. As a natural and renewable fibre, wool is versatile and has many benefits - it is breathable so keeps you warm and dry in the winter, and helps cool you down in summer. This year, Hobbycraft asked me to create a hat using the West Yorkshire Spinners 100% Jason DK yarn. After various swatches and tests, I settled on an oversized chunky hat with a deep brim and giant pompom. Extreme knits and yarns are a huge trend in the fashion and knitwear industry right now, so this pattern uses the yarn held double to get a...

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In the beginning

I first learnt how to knit and crochet when I was 8 years old - my mother taught me, just as her mother taught her. My mother is a patient teacher, but I was not a very patient student, and I could not understand why my stitches were so tight in the middle but loose and loopy on the edges. My Barbie dolls got a few scarves, but that was it.   I picked up the sticks again during highschool for a textiles and design class, and it was the first time that I had seen other people knit. My teacher was confused about my knitting and said I was doing it wrong, so I went home and told my...

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