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Crochet Baby-thing Bag on white bedA long time ago (about 14 months?) I decided that I didn’t like any of the nappy bags available, and I could make a crochet baby-thing bag that was cool and waterproof-ish and in my style. I had everything I needed in my stash - bundles of yarn, some fabric and some straps - and I wanted it to be easy to wash, lightweight and have space for all the things I (thought...) that I would need to cart around for the kid. It worked out perfectly, and my husband even supportively exclaimed “wow, it’s not as flimsy as I expected” (thanks love!)

I was on a bit of a crafty kick at this point too - I had just started my maternity leave, wasn’t quite infinity weeks pregnant yet, and I really liked the idea of making a nice bag. I also knitted some baby socks, some neon jumpers, and some hats and booties (the free patterns are available too - the socks are here, and the jumper is here!) before I found out that my kid would hate wearing hats. Oh well.
Crochet Baby-thing Bag work in progress with blue crochet hook on white bed

Crochet Baby-thing Bag work in progress with hand holding blue crochet hook on white bed

This bag has been in use for enough time for me to realise that it’s not going to fall apart, so I don’t feel so nervous to share the pattern with you now. Worked seamlessly in the round from the bottom up, with optional nylon lining to stop any minor spills that are bound to happen when you have a baby, are sleep-deprived, and are carrying lots of various liquids around. I included some black leather straps, but you could swap these for some crochet straps instead if you prefer.

OK, let’s get crocheting!

You will need

  • Yarn: 3 balls Wool and the Gang Shiny Happy Cotton in Jog Grey. You could also used WAK The Cotton, or Paintbox Yarns cotton Aran
  • 5mm crochet hook
  • 12mm wide bag straps, 134cm long (these will be cut in half to make two 67cm long handles)
  • Optional: contrast yarn to tack on straps
  • Optional: 40cm x 75cm Ripstop nylon and matching thread


18sts x 19rows = 10cm x 10cm in Single Crochet (UK terminology)

Finished Measurements

Bag: approx 30cm from base to edge, 78cm circumference (excludes straps)
Lining: 35cm tall x 70cm circumference


DC Double Crochet (NB: UK terminology is used throughout this pattern. This corresponds to SC Single Crochet in US terms)
BLO back loop only
Ch chain
Sl st slip stitch
St/s stitch/stitches
Rep repeat
*...; repeat from the *
Rnd round
Decr decrease - I do this by the double crochet 2 together technique


STEP 1 Ch 34, 32 DC starting with 2nd ch from hook, 4 DC in end ch, 32 DC up other side, 4 DC in final ch. Sl st to join. You should have a long oval shape.

You will now crochet in continuous rounds. You might like to place a stitch marker in your very first stitch so that you remember where the round starts, or you can wing it and play it fast and loose with your WIP. Not gonna lie, that’s what I would do!

STEP 2 *32 DC, 2 DC in each end st; rep from * one more time

STEP 3 *32 DC, (2 DC in the first st, 1 DC in the following st) 4 times; rep from * one more time

STEP 4  *32 DC, (2 DC in the first st, 1 DC in the next 2 sts) 4 times; rep from * one more time

Rep step 4 until you have worked 2 DC in the first st and 1 DC in the next 8 sts

STEP 5 Work one rnd of DC BLO, then 2 rnds of DC

STEP 6 *32 DC, (DC decr in the first st, 1 DC in the next 8 sts) 4 times; rep from * one more time

STEP 7 Work in DC until your work measures 26cm from the BLO rnd of step 5. Secure the final st.

STEP 8 (optional splashproof lining) Sew lining together at short ends, then sew bottom of lining closed at one edge. Fold top edge in and stitch a 2.5cm deep seam casing, leaving a 1cm gap to insert the twisted cord. Hand stitch bottom of lining to bottom of crochet bag. Use whatever settings work best on your sewing machine. You may also like to include some pockets and dividers on the inside of the lining, go wild!

STEP 9 To make a twisted cord, cut 12m of your crochet cotton, fold in half and half again, and loop over a door handle (or ask a friend to hold the end.) If you have cats like I do, you probably want to put them in a different room because this will seem like a fun game to them and make it 100000% more difficult. Tie a knot at the end of the cord and start twisting. Keep twisting until the cord twists onto itself, then fold in half and let it twist up. Tie the knitted end to the looped end that is hooked on the door handle. Tie a knot at the other end, and trim both of the ends into a short tassel.

STEP 10 Cut straps in half and screw onto bag (Optional step - you make also like to do a few stitches to sew the strap to the bag, to stop the screws unscrewing themselves.)

STEP 11 Spill your liquid of choice inside the bag immediately, and marvel at your foresight for making a waterproof lining!

Crochet Baby-thing Bag finished, hanging on white door

Crochet Baby-thing Bag with rabbit shaped soft rattle and giraffe teether on bed

Crochet Baby-thing Bag close up of cord


Let me know what you think!

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