New Year Knitting Resolution

Tiam Safari

Now that it is already February (where did January go?! Eeek!) I've decided to refocus on my resolutions for the 2017. This year my primary resolution is to knit, crochet, knot or create any clothes that I can, instead of buying them ready-made from the high street.

When I spend time and effort in knitting a sweater, I value it more. Spills are gently blotted out before they stain, the garment is nicely folded and not strewn across my bedroom, and I get excited to wear the piece and build an outfit around it - not to mention, tell people that I made it!

The fast-fashion industry is built on replicating trends as quickly as possible, and while this means that shoppers can buy fashion forward pieces at high street prices, it also means that these garments don't have the longevity they once had - both in terms of quality or construction, fibre selection, and style.

So here I am, owning a giant cupboard of yarn (that my husband has nicknamed “Yarnia”...) and knowing I can make almost anything I need from the stash. I'm still shopping and supporting retailers - I won't attempt to knit a pair of jeans, and I'm not ready to rear and shear sheep to spin my own yarn - but I have loads of yarn to get through and I want to create beautiful, timeless garments that I will treasure for more than a season.

Along the way I will share patterns with you guys, tips and tricks to get your handknits looking professionally finished, and any trials and tribulations I come across. First up: this gorgeous Nolita Sweater from We Are Knitters! And maybe some house slippers. And a gym bag. Ooh and a chunky blanket!



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