Pussyhat Project: Chunky Style

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The Pussyhat Project is a global movement that started as a small project among friends, and has spread across the world. On Instagram, #pussyhatproject has over 50,000 posts and this is only set to continue to grow. 

Do you want to make your own Pussyhat and learn how to make it look seamless and professionally finished? Well I have the perfect pattern for you!

Pussyhat Project Chunky Knit Hat Wool And The Gang yarn


  •  120g of Crazy Sexy Wool
  • 12mm circular knitting needles (I like Pony plastic or KnitPro needles, the plastic doesn't add weight to your work and the KnitPro needles are hollow electroplated brass so it doesn't stick to the yarn)
  • Sewing needle


  •  Long-tail cast on
  • Circular knitting
  • Kitchener stitch


6.5 stitches x 11 rows = 10cm/4" square

Measurements: 46cm circumference, 23cm length


  1. Choose your yarn. I used WATG Crazy Sexy Wool in Pink Lemonade or Hot Punk Pink. You can use any super chunky wool with a WPI of 2.5.
  2. Using your 12mm circular knitting needles, cast on 30 stitches using the long-tail cast on technique. Join your work in the round, taking care not to twist your work.
  3. Work in knit stitch until your work measures 25cm (approximately 23 rows.) Don’t cast off! Cut the yarn from the work, leaving a tail that is about three times the width of your hat. If you don't like playing yarn chicken, cut it four times the width of your hat.
  4. Line up your needles, and use the Kitchener stitch technique to graft your stitches together. This gives your hat a seamless look, and is a great way to practice the technique on a larger scale before grafting small things like sock toes or glove fingers together. Weave in any ends.
  5. Wear your hat with pride!Pussyhat Project Chunky Knit HatPussyhat Project Chunky Knit HatPussyhat Project Chunky Knit Hat


I'm also trying something new, called 60 Second Knits - enjoy!

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