The Seed Bubble Sweater 2.0

Tiam Safari

Women in oversized lavender sweater with hand on hip

Finally... finally the day has come when the idea that I’ve been working on, thinking about, swatching, mathsing, knitting, testing, stopping, photographing, writing, editing and who knows what else for months and months on end has finally been released into the wild.

The Beginning

The Seed Bubble Sweater was my very first design under my own name. Previously, I had freelanced for various yarn companies, either working up their sketches into knit and crochet patterns or submitting ideas for their selection. This sweater gave me the burst of confidence I needed to realise that I could do this, that I DO do this, and that people wanted this. Putting yourself out there is such a scary thing to do, but once it’s done there is no going back!


Initially, this pattern was available in three sizes - small, medium and large. At this point, the big yarn companies or trendy chunky knitters (you know the ones...) were only offering chunky knit kits in one or a handful of sizes Oversized was great, and I kidded myself into thinking that this was all fine and dandy, but the reality is: people do not come in three sizes. Even within sizes there is so much variation in bust sizes, hip sizes, yoke circumferences, and everything else. Around the same time, my own size changed through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, and then to add to the mix I wanted to wear matching outfits with my baby (at least until she is old enough to choose her own outfits!)

Women in oversized knit lavender sweater

I spent a long time working on my grading spreadsheet, pulling in measurements from the Crafty Yarn Council, Ysolda’s grading chart, and measuring clothes in shops. I wanted it to work seamlessly, like my knits, so I could plug in numbers, tweak for ease, and go go go. I love a good spreadsheet. It’s kinda my thing, my other thing apart from yarn things. I also wanted to make sure that the fit and shaping worked across the various sizes, so I worked with some amazing knit testers to make sure the pattern works, fits and does what it’s meant to.

A Knitastrophe 

All too often, beginner knit designers just add extra stitches and rows for each additional size they offer (or sometimes suggest using bigger needles… eek!) but this is a sure-fire recipe for a knitastrophe. As bodies get bigger or smaller, there are so many other factors to consider, and while I know and agree that even offering set sizes isn’t enough to cater to the infinite combinations of body shapes and measurements, it’s a place to start.


My other patterns will also have a facelift and be sized up from at least an XS to 5XL, and I’ll also be offering crochet patterns for my most popular knit designs. But every journey needs a beginning, and hopefully this is the next step in more, bigger and better things to come.

Baby in oversized lavender knit sweater

The Details

So now, here it is. The Seed Bubble Sweater, sized from 3M to 5XL. Worked seamlessly in the round from the bottom up (because I still hate seams!) and the right mix of chunky and drapey without feeling like The Michelin Man. Unless that’s your thing. You’ll need:

  • the pattern: it’s a digital download so will automagically be sent to you, and if there are any updates down the track, you’ll receive these too!
  • 12mm and 15MM circular knitting needles
  • a super bulky yarn, like Cygnet Yarns Mythically Chunky
  • stitch holders
  • stitch marker
  • a sewing needle


Shop the digital download now.

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