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Tiam Safari Free Pattern

As a yarn-obsessed knitophile, I’m always on the hunt for new and interesting yarns to try. I’m also trawling through Instagram, Pinterest, magazines and blogs for inspiration, and I have a whole lot of exciting things to share with you in the coming months!

One of my favourite discoveries is London-based @sincerelylouise, who makes THE cutest, quirkiest faux-taxidermy knit sculptures (if you haven’t checked her out, please do!) She launched a beautiful collaboration with Cygnet Yarns last year – a range of stunning shades in a super chunky, 100% acrylic-but-you-wouldn’t-know-it yarn called Mythically Chunky. Both Seriously Chunky and Mythically Chunky come in a range of gorgeous colours, and I took the plunge and bought the yarn. As soon as I had the yarn in my hands, I couldn’t stop knitting with it.

I know that synthetic yarn has been looked down upon in the past – probably spurred by awful flashbacks of squeaky yarns and ugly knits – but fibre technology has come a long way recently. People choose yarns with many different reasons in mind and there are always many influencing factors to any yarn decision, such as durability, sourcing methods, allergies, trends, lifestyle practices, price, availability, or the “IT’S SO FLUFFFFFFY” moment you have in the yarn store. Coupling these with the myriad of fibres now available (side note: does anyone want to spin me some Mint or Rose bush yarn please??), there is no reason to devote your knitting needles exclusively to yarn of ovine origin!

With this in mind, I have partnered with Cygnet Yarms to bring you a super duper chunky knit, and best of all? The pattern is free and on their website now! Head over and have a look, and let me know what you think!

Chunky Knit Sweater free pattern


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