The Brioche Bomber (and fingergate)

Tiam Safari free pattern

Chunky knitting project

Sometimes things take longer than you expect them to, and sometimes life just tells you to STOP EVERYTHING (like… right this second… put down the knitting needles and stop playing with the yarn) and rest for a while. If you’ve been following along with The Great Finger Injury on Instagram, you’ll know that life made me stop knitting, writing, typing or climbing for almost two weeks in October, and it was hard. Very hard.

During this time, I was halfway through a whole pile of projects (including a gorgeous chunky cardigan in a collaboration with Cygnet Yarns – you might remember The Mossy pattern that I made using Mythically Chunky in August), and I couldn’t do anything. I desperately needed to finish it off, and my swollen finger wouldn’t let that happen.

Fast forward to today, and I can finally write, type and knit properly again! Hooray! And even better, this chunky cardigan pattern is also ready! Double Hooray!

Chunky hand knit

This Brioche Bomber is super squishy and fun to knit. The Brioche stitch is quick to learn, and you’ll be zooming through the yarn overs in no time.

Free Chunky Knitting Pattern

Free Pattern Chunky Knit Cardigan

Chunky Handmake knit bomber

Head over to Cygnet Yarns to get the pattern, and let me know your thoughts!


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